Prof. Dr. Francesco Knechtli
"High Performance Computing in Theoretical Physics" Research Interests
Francesco Knechtli

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Prof. Dr. Francesco Knechtli
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Fakultät für Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften
Theoretische Teilchenphysik
Gaussstr. 20
D-42119 Wuppertal

Office D.10.24
Phone +49 202 439 2630
Fax +49 202 439 3860
    Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics
    Lattice Gauge Theory

    Quantum Chromodynamics:
    static quark-antiquark potential, algorithms for dynamical fermions,
    effects of heavy sea quarks, strong coupling

    Non-perturbative Gauge-Higgs Unification:
    five-dimensional gauge theories, spontaneous symmetry breaking,
    dimensional reduction
Publications Group Members Teaching
Prof. Dr. Nikos Irges, Humboldt Fellow

Dr. Tomasz Korzec, Postdoc

Maurizio Alberti, Ph.D. student

Salvatore Calì, Ph.D. student

Peter Funke, IZ II System Administrator

Coordinator of the International and Interdisciplinary Master Programm
"Computer Simulation in Science" (CSIS)

Courses: Winter term 2016/17
Introduction to Computer Simulation
Lab Course II
Events Former Group Members Teaching Archive
Dr. Jacob Finkenrath

Dr. Björn Leder

Dr. Graham John Moir

Dr. Antonio Rago

Dr. Kyoko Yoneyama

Peter Dziennik

Magdalena Luz
Live recoding of the lectures on "Introduction to Computer Simulation"
(winter term 2014/15)
Lecture 1: Introduction, MATLAB script
Lecture 2: Number representation, accuracy video script
Lecture 3: Derivative, limit, recurrence relation video script
Lecture 4: Root finding, bisection video script
Lecture 5: Newton-Raphson, secant method video script
Lecture 6: Initial value problems, Euler integrator video script
Lecture 7: Runge-Kutta integrators video script
Lecture 8: Adaptive step-size, Newton's gravitational law video script
Lecture 9: Discrete Fourier Transformation (DTF) video script
Lecture 10: Limits of DTF, sampling theorem video script
Lecture 11: Several dimensions, Fast Fourier Transform, real functions video script
Lecture 12: Numerical integration (trapezoidal and Simpson's rules) video script
Lecture 13: Linear systems: Gauss elimination video script
Lecture 14: Linear systems: LU- and QR-decomposition video script
Lecture 15: Fitting of data: Maximum likelihood fit video script
Based on "Computational Physics I" by Prof. Dr. U. Wolff and Dr. B. Bunk.