List of all members in our group. The telephone codes have to be completed to +49-202-439-XXXX when dialing from outside the university.

Permanent staff and tenure track

PhoneOfficeEmail addressWeb
Borsányi, Prof. Szabolcs 2616 D.10.16 borsanyi@uni-wuppertal.deH
Dürr, Priv. Doz. Stephan 2766 G.11.44 duerr@uni-wuppertal.deH
Fodor, Prof. Zoltán 2614 D.10.25 fodor@uni-wuppertal.deH
Günther, Prof. Jana Nora
Hölbling, Prof. Christian 2996 F.10.08 hoelbling@physik.uni-wuppertal.deH
Knechtli, Prof. Francesco 2630 D.10.24 knechtli@physik.uni-wuppertal.deH
Szabo, Prof. Kalman 2618 D.10.18 szaboka@bodri.elte.huH


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Steinmann, Petra 3672 D.10.26


PhoneOfficeEmail addressWeb
Finkenrath, Dr. Jacob 2804 G11.07a
Korzec, Dr. Tomasz 2612 D.10.03
Richter, Dr. Marcus 3658 G.11.07a
Toth, Dr. Balint 3479 D.10.17
Varnhorst, Dr. Lukas 2618 D.10.18
Wong, Dr. Chik Him 3672 G.11.32


PhoneOfficeEmail addressWeb
Adam, Alexander 3452 G.11.39
Alberti, Maurizio 2612 D.10.03
Ammer, Maximilian 2609 G.11.32
Calì, Salvatore 3439 G.11.37
Chreim, Nuha 3658 G.11.07
Eichhorn, Timo 3516 F.10.09
Frech, Fabian 3452 G.11.39
Petri, Marc Andre 3516 F.10.09
Rouenhoff, Philip 3516 F.10.09


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Kroll, Prof. Peter 2620 D.09.01
Schilling, Prof. Klaus 2637 D.10.20

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